Looking for land

Went out looking for a lot this week. The lots that are in a good location always seem to get taken quickly by general contractors. I was hoping that I could score a walk out with a commons area in the back but these are looking like it is going to be difficult get. I really think for the resale I should get at least a walkout. hopefully this weekend I can lock down a location for this house building.

Thinking about energy cost

Starting to plan out a few steps that need to be done for reducing my costs of energy. The first think I think that makes the most sense is to have 2×6 walls on the outside walls so that I have can have R-19 insulation. Also looking to put R-50 in the ceiling. With the insulation I am looking to seal all the can lights with the covers that look like small styrofoam coolers. More blog postings to come with the energy cost savings.

New project for the summer of 2014

I am looking to start a new house this summer. I am currently looking for a building site. In the midwest we have the options for basements. So I am looking to get a walkout or daylight lot. It should be interesting since developers in this area are opening up multiple sections in my area. Usually more established general contractors get first choice of the good lots. I am looking for one with a commons area in the rear for privacy and seclusion.

home owner general contracting

I get asked all the time about general contracting as a home owner. I am not currently a general contractor by trait, matter of fact I’m far from it. I also do not come from a construction background either. So general contracting for my last 3 houses was a learning experience. This blog is about understanding the building process for people not familar with construction. General contracting of your own house is very rewarding but can be very frustrating at times. But in the end if you stick to a process and budget you can save a tremendous amount of money.